Buy to Let Rent Calculator

Buy to let mortgages are a great way to purchase another property (or portfolio of properties) to rent out. However the maximum you are able to borrow will depend upon several factors including the type of property you want to buy, your credit history, the amount of money you have as a deposit (or equity if you are remortgaging) as well as the amount of money you can charge for monthly rent. This calculator will work out the amount of rent that you must achieve in order to borrow enough to buy the property.

It should be noted that some lenders now require first time landlords or those with a small portfolio of properties to have a separate, non-related income of at least £25,000 per year as well as the rental income. For more information and advice specific to your circumstances you should contact a mortgage broker and they'll explain everything for you.

To use the calculator, enter your figures directly into the corresponding fields & then press 'Calculate'. Your results will appear below the calculator.

Property ValueWhat is the property purchase price or valuation?

Deposit or EquityWhat is the amount of your deposit or equity?

Interest RateWhat is the Buy to Let mortgage rate?

The results of your calculations

In order for a lender to provide a buy to let mortgage of against a property worth at we estimate that you will need to achieve a rental income of about per month. Attention! A lender will require a deposit of at least 25% for a buy to let mortgage, please increase your deposit to at least

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