Mortgage Rate Rise Calculator

The Bank of England recently announced that they expect interest rates to rise in the next few years. The current Bank rate is just 0.5% however Mark Carney, the Bank of England Governor, said that could reach 3% within three years. Whilst we can't tell you for certain when or by how much rates will rise, our calculator will help you work out how a rise in interest rates might affect your monthly mortgage payments. This is particularly helpful if you are currently on a tracker mortgage or are about to revert to your lenders Standard Variable Rate (SVR).

To use the calculator, enter your figures directly into the corresponding fields & then press 'Calculate'. Your results will appear below the calculator.

Mortgage AmountHow much do you need to borrow?

Interest RateAt what interest rate?

Term in YearsOver how many years?

Rate RiseHow much do you expect the rate to rise by?

The results of your calculations

Borrowing at for would make your monthly payments for a Capital & Interest Repayment Mortgage and for an Interest Only Mortgage.

Should rates rise by to your payments would increase by to for a repayment mortgage and by to for interest only.

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