Mortgage Overpayment Calculator

Use our mortgage overpayment calculator to find out how much interest you could save (and by how many years you could reduce the term of the mortgage) by making a regular monthly over-payment on top of your normal monthly payment.

An independent mortgage broker can find the best flexible mortgage deal for your circumstances and we've included a popular rate in the calculator to get you started. We've also set the monthly over-payment at £50 to give you an idea of the savings possible with such a small regular payment.

You should note that the calculator also makes certain assumptions, for example, that there are no fees, charges or any additional borrowing added to the mortgage and that the interest rate remains fixed at the level set for the whole term.

Mortgage AmountHow much do you need to borrow?

Interest RateAt what interest rate?

Term in YearsOver how many years?

Monthly OverpaymentYour monthly overpayment

The results of your calculations

If you borrowed at a rate of over your monthly payments for a Capital & Interest repayment mortgage would be approximately . Adding your regular overpayment of would increase your payment to .

By keeping this overpayment up every month, you could make interest savings of over the lifetime of your mortgage and reduce your term by .

How can I get a free mortgage quote?

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