Mortgage Deposit Calculator

The amount you need to save as a deposit for a house or flat will depend on several factors including the maximum loan to value (LTV) of your chosen mortgage product, your income and your credit history.

Our mortgage deposit calculator will tell you the total amount of deposit you need to save based on the percentage you are required to put down. It will also work out how much you need to add to your savings every month in order to achieve your goal.

Property ValueWhat is the property purchase price?

Deposit RequiredHow much deposit do you need to put down?

Current SavingsWhat is your current savings balance?

Savings RateWhat interest rate do you get on your savings?

Years to SaveHow many years do you want to save up for?

The results of your calculations

In order to borrow of the property purchase price, you will need a deposit of and to achieve this target in you will need to save every month (assuming the interest you receive on your savings remains at ). Based on your current savings balance and interest rate, it doesn't look like you need to make any additional monthly contributions to achieve your target in the time required.
However, there are a couple of important points to make. First, this calculator doesn't take into account the effect of annual house price increases. And second, you should consider saving for other related expenses such as your conveyancing/legal fees, property valuation fees, the booking/application fees charged by your lender as well as any stamp duty that you might have to pay.

How can I get a free mortgage quote?

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