Mortgage Affordability Calculator

You can use our mortgage affordability calculator to work out how much mortgage you can afford to borrow based on what you can pay every month. For example, this calculator will give you an idea of the kind of property you could afford to buy in your area based on your current rent payment and a mortgage rate.

Don't forget though that you will still need to save for a deposit, stamp duty, valuation fees and any other costs. If you want to work out how much you could afford based on your income or salary, you should use our mortgage borrowing calculator.

Work out how much mortgage you can afford

The results of your mortgage affordability calculation

Based upon a monthly payment of at over years, we can estimate that you could borrow for a Capital & Interest Repayment mortgage or as much as for an Interest Only mortgage.

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Finally, it is important to note that the results produced by our calculators should only be used as a guide. For accurate figures and advice you should talk to an independent mortgage broker.