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Every mortgage calculator available on our website has been designed to be simple and easy to use, whether you visit our site on a PC, tablet or smart phone. They should help you understand what your likely costs will be, how much you are able to borrow, what kind of property you can afford and some of the savings to be made with different product features.

We also have specialist Buy to Let mortgage calculators that show you the amount you can borrow, how much rent you'll need to charge your tenants and what kind of rental yield you can expect from different investment properties. Our property related calculators will work out your loan-to-value, how much stamp duty you will have to pay on a property purchase as well as the kind of property you can look for with the new government Help to Buy equity loan scheme.

How much can I borrow?

By finding out how much you can borrow, you will have a good idea of the kind of properties you can start to look for. It will also help determine if you can remortgage to find a better rate or raise extra capital for things like home improvements or debt consolidation. Our calculator uses income multipliers that are common to most lenders.

Maximum borrowing calculator

How much deposit do I need to save?

Not only will our calculator tell you how much you need to save as a deposit for a property, it will also work out how much you need to put away every month to reach your target.

Mortgage deposit calculator

How much will my repayments be?

Use our mortgage repayment calculator as a quick and easy way to work out what your monthly mortgage payments will be for both a Capital and Interest Repayment mortgage as well as an Interest Only mortgage.

Mortgage repayment calculator

What if interest rates rise?

Do you currently have a tracker mortgage? Are you about to revert to your lenders Standard Variable Rate (SVR)? This calculator can work out how your monthly mortgage repayments will be affected if interest rates rise in the future.

Mortgage rate rise calculator

How much can I afford?

This calculator will work out how much mortgage you could afford based on a monthly payment, mortgage rate and term. This is useful if you are wondering what kind of property you could look to buy based on what you are currently paying in rent every month.

Mortgage affordability calculator

What are the effects of making overpayments?

A lot of mortgage providers now allow borrowers to make overpayments to their mortgage and this calculator will show you the effect this can have, even with a relatively small monthly overpayment. It will work out how much interest you can save and the reduced time it will take to repay all of the loan.

Mortgage overpayment calculator

What savings can be made with an offset mortgage?

An offset mortgage works by linking your savings to your borrowing and only charging you interest on the difference. Plus, you still have access to your savings at any time. This calculator will illustrate the benefits to be had from lower mortgage interest payments, no income tax paid on your savings interest and a reduced term.

Offset mortgage calculator

How much can I borrow for a Buy to Let mortgage?

The borrowing calculations for buy-to-let mortgages are different to those for a normal residential mortgage. Although certain factors such as your credit history, deposit and the type of property are important considerations lenders will use the expected rental income to determine the maximum loan available.

Buy to Let mortgage calculator

How much rent do I need to charge for my Buy to Let property?

As stated above, a buy-to-let lender will look at the amount of money you can charge for monthly rent as part of their lending decision making. This calculator will work out the amount of rent that you must achieve in order to borrow enough to buy a rental property. This is based on the purchase price and your deposit (or valuation and the equity equity available if you're remortgaging) as well as the mortgage rate.

Buy to Let minimum rent calculator

What kind of yield can I expect from a Buy to Let property?

The days of double-digit property price rises are gone so it's important to invest in buy-to-let for long-term income and not short-term capital growth. Monthly rent should be the key consideration for a buy-to-let property and this calculator will help you work out the rental yield of a potential investment.

Buy to Let rental yield calculator

What is my Loan to Value (LTV)?

Loan-to-value (or LTV for short) is the value of all outstanding debts secured against a property expressed as a percentage of the property value. Your LTV can affect the mortgage rate offered to you by a lender, usually a lower loan-to-value will attract a lower interest rate. Our simple calculator will work out your LTV for you.

Loan to Value (LTV) calculator

How much Stamp Duty do I have to pay?

Stamp duty is a tax paid whenever you buy a property in the UK over a certain price. The amount you have to pay can depend on a number of factors and our stamp duty calculator will work out the amount payable on a residential property.

Stamp duty calculator

What property can I afford under the government Help to Buy scheme?

The Help to Buy scheme is an equity loan provided by the government to help you buy a new home in England with a maximum purchase price of £600,000. Our Help to Buy calculator will work out the maximum purchase price of a property you can look for based on the amount of deposit you have.

Help to Buy calculator

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